Welcome Message

I am pleased to see that our Eparchy has launched a revised website and it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our new website serving the people of God in Australia and New Zealand.  It is my fervent prayer that the endeavours of all involved in this project will be of use to each visitor.

Indeed, the development of the internet, TV and print media is in many ways the story of the Christian mission.  Christianity is truly the religion of the Message.  How that message, the Christ-Message, is communicated has depended on how the message has been incarnated in the various forms of the media.

The now indispensable Personal Computer appeared in what we would consider a primitive and very expensive manifestation in the early 1960’s.  Whilst, the latest practical medium, the internet, was first considered, and discussed, only in the same decade.

The rapid development of the Internet gives to the Church a means of communication at the forefront of much faceted technology.  The extent to which we effectively embrace and utilize the latest communications technologies will, in large part, determine our success in going forth to the nations.

With prayerful best wishes and with my paternal blessing.

+ Robert Rabbat, DD