Bishop's Message

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Grace and mercy and peace from God the Father, and from Christ Jesus, our Lord, be with you.” (2 Tim 1:2)

Once more, a Merciful Providence has brought us to the celebration of the Divine Nativity; and as we draw near to the conclusion of one civil year and the beginning of another...


  • Loving as Christ loves
  • Serving as Christ serves
  • Sacrifice as Christ sacrificed


In the spirit of building community in the light of Christ we will:

  • Pray and celebrate our relationship with God in ways that enhance the spiritual growth of our diverse

What's on?

Most Rev. Bishop Robert Rabbat will celebrate the Divine Holy Liturgy during the Holy Season of Christmas, as per the schedule below:

Tuesday 24 Dec,  10.00 pm
Vigil Holy Liturgy, at St. Michael's Cathedral, 25 Golden Grove Street, Darlington, NSW

Wednesday 25 Dec,  10.30 am
Feast Day Holy Liturgy, at St John the Beloved, 80 Waterloo Road, Greeancre, NSW